While there are many "design firms" and many "architecture firms", Pull Architecture brings those disciplines together under one roof and one team.  It is a seamless and cohesive effort that offers many advantages.  Even within firms that offer the same services under one roof, unlike many we don't departmentalize ... that is, the design and construction documentation are highly blended (virtually indistinguishable)  by design from the first conversation.  Handing  design off to a different production department results in the loss of micro-conversations and the visionary journey that led to the final design intent.  There are many unspoken & understood elements that don't get lost or misinterpreted when the design process is seamlessly integrated with the construction documentation and fabrication phases.  Construction documentation (how it gets built) is as vital during the design phase just as much as the design perspective is during construction documentation and fabrication.  We don't see a difference ... and neither should you.