Photo by: Evan Russel

Courtesy of Rachel Smith (head mermaid Dive Bar Sacramento)


A BIG part of what we do that sets us apart from most other architectural firms is found in our "immersive design" capabilities.  You might say there are many firms who offer "themed environments", but that is not the same.  For an in depth discussion on what we offer please contact us so we can cater the experience to the particulars of your project.  We are creating immersive design in everyday projects in order to set your space apart from the competition.  Spaces to which we are applying this innovative approach includes:

  • retail

  • restaurant

  • hospitality

  • themed attractions
  • zoos
  • aquariums
  • museums
  • churches
  • learning centers
    • discovery centers
    • labs
    • classrooms
  • medical offices
  • theaters
  • special event planning
  • interactive exhibits
  • seasonal decor and attractions